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The Super Bowl & Black Sea Release

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If they had released the game during the World Cup - THEN there'd be a problem!  American football you can play an entire scenario during the commercial breaks.  :D

Depends on the commercial ... some are better than the game ... and how much beverage of choice is at hand ;)

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I hate the Seahawks and glad to see them lose...


This will go down as one of the biggest WTF were they thinking moments...



Yeah, I grew up as a Rams fan and my dad was a 49ers fan.  Richard Sherman's ridiculous lunatic ranting and raving after beating the 49ers in last years NFC Championship game has me always hoping the Seahawks lose.  Their arrogance and flapping gums just really rubs me the wrong way and I have to admit my intense pleasure at watching that ... guys face turn from jubilant to stunned in less than a second. 

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imagine how i feel.  I live in Boston =D

You should send Pete Carol flowers and a thank you note. Beast Mode and Hawks win.


Oh well a few years ago Harbaugh had Kap throw 3 passes near the goal line instead of giving it to the money man Gore.


Still Carols call will go down as the worst in history and the Offensive Coordinator Bevell should go in hiding for a couple of weeks.

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