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I am right there with you, the server is experiencing a lot of traffic for a very obvious reason, we will just have to be patient!

Me too ... *positions himself in zen like position of patience*


So Chris, now you can finally get that 50 hour beauty sleep that you've longed for. Well deserved! To all of the team of course  :)


I'm now officially entering the modern era - scary, but fun to learn something completely new!

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This is very childish and uncalled for, I will report this for removal.

Woop woop. Just wanted to be the first to "chirp" this. Call it a "tactical insertion"

Wow, seriously? One cannot be excited and advise others on the board that the game is available for download?

Well, someone had to do it.


And in the time honored legacy of all BFC releases:  "What, you couldn't read the whole freaking email and keep quiet for the benefit of other pre-order folks? What a bonehead."   :)

Hey, give him a break, he did not know. But if you are going to grumble. Throw a little BF's way. They opened it up way too soon for everyone.

The server was bad with just the pre-order folks, add everyone else all on the same day and they made a mess of it.

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