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I like the manuals, the DVD's I can more or less do without though. A recently released game had an awesome physical manual (hardcover book), would be fun if there would be something like that for CMx2 series, would work really nice post release with game and real world data on all the vehicles, equipments and formations, would buy such manuals/books instantly.

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This is very childish and uncalled for, I will report this for removal.

Woop woop. Just wanted to be the first to "chirp" this. Call it a "tactical insertion"

Wow, seriously? One cannot be excited and advise others on the board that the game is available for download?

You mean your wife won't do it for you?  And stare at the ruination of her weekend while it loads.

No, she would not.


But I have managed to get her to not complain anymore that I spend time playing them. (She finially learned than when Papa is happy, everyone is happy. Of course it includes making sure Mom is even more happy so that Papa can even have a chance at being happy.)

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I would like digital only pre-order too. Deliver is pretty expensive (27 dollar) to Finland, Europe.


Plz, release it soon! I'll buy digital only as soon as it's there... :D





Same here, 27$ for shipping in France, If I could have preordered digital version, it has be done ;(

But I'll wait, this game will be beautiful and addictive like his ancestors !!!

Thank you Battlefront for your hard work ;)



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Hmmm, I pre-ordered, haven't gotten an email yet and now it's out for non pre-orders?

What's up?  Trying to be patient.......but I work in a few hours and would at least like to

get the download started.


That email could have gotten caught anywhere between us and your inbox, including your ISP, spam filters, etc. Just sign into your store account and you can start now, you don't have to wait on the email.

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