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Anyone reading or read Prit Buttar's excellent Battleground Prussia?

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Battleground Prussia - the Assault on Germanys Eastern Front 1944-45

Everytime I read some of this I go play RT. Though the time frame is *JUST* after RT the equipment is the same. Yes we are missing Volksturm and some other stuff. However the author does an excellent job of covering the operational side of what was happening with plentiful personal anecdotes etc.  I will say anecdotes are light on the Soviet side, though some are there, though what the Soviets were doing is covered very well.

For scenario makers there are many anecdotes and situations that would make for fantastic scenarios or even campaigns in RT that would be entirely doable. Lets not forget the Red Army really fought for East Prussia more in the winter 44-45 but its first forays into east Prussia such as the infamous Nemmersdorf incident happened in Sept (?) 44. So as I said entirely doable in the scope of RT. I especially bring this up because Ive noticed RT has way less scenarios made than BN and many complain of lack of tactical level anecdotes etc.

First of all tactically - you only need to know about the strategic/ operational side to conjure up with imagination tactical situations. Second THERE ARE tactical level anecdotes a plenty around. Im providing one here.  The picture I get is huge columns of refugees, confusion on both sides, and bittter bitter fighting with stroke, counter stroke.  Often Soviet units would penetrate deep into German lines temporarily and villages would switch sides' posession often. Also the Germans would get lucky sometimes and penetrate deep into Soviet lines - wreak havoc in the rear area and then be destroyed trying to pull back or manage to pull back in good order.

Also notable is the Germans abiility to keep cobbling together Kampfgruppes to fight the Soviets and upset the Soviet plans.



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