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AKD - Sound Mod at Launch?

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You had mentioned in another thread that you were working on a sound mod that would work for CMx2 WWII and Modern Titles - all post CMSF anyways.


Just wanted to see if that was still the plan.


Also, Chris has already mentioned that a number of beta testers would have mods up on launch (such as NATO symbols) - will your sound mod be included in this?


Just trying to see if I will need to go into the CMSF sound mod and rip out the sounds that are needed while we wait for your mod.


Thanks in advance!



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Hi Chad,

I do have a combined version of my CMSF mod and more recent WWII title mod that I have been using. I'm not 100% happy with some of the overlaps, but I will probably release it as a beta when the game launches.


Thanks for the response AKD and the offer for the beta. I know I speak for a lot of us here (judging by the downloads and ratings for both your CMSF and BN/FI sound mods), that we would be more than happy to have a 'beta' of your combined sound mod at launch.


Thanks for the hard work, not only for the sound mod, but also for beta testing CMBS!




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As promised, here is a BETA version of my sound mod combining all previous work into one universal mod for CMx2 titles.  There may also be a few small updates since my last release, but don't expect big changes if you have previously used my mod in CMSF or the WWII titles.  There are specific modules for modern sounds so you can pull them out for the WWII titles, although any problematic overlaps should be minimal.




Hope it helps with enjoyment of Combat Mission: Black Sea!  I am very proud to have participated in development of this title.  Black Sea is one of BFC's best yet.

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