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Campaign Mod in SF

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Probably a noob question, but I got the Zawiya Uprising campaign from the repository, but it's not showing up on my list of campaigns.  I put the .cam file in my \Combat Mission Shock Force\Game Files\Campaigns folder, as that seemed to be the logical location.  I do have the NATO pack, so that shouldn't be an issue.  I see the other 7 campaigns that are in the folder when inside the game, but not the Zawiya one.


I'm guessing I'm missing something obvious, but am at a loss as to what.  

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It seems to me you put the file in the correct location. But I think that you not only need the NATO pack but also the USMC module. I know the campaign has the BMP-3 in it and the BMP-3 is part of the Marines module.





Zawiya Uprising is really cool campaign BTW.

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