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An update on the update!


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Game content has been locked down and sent to the programmers for wrapping into an installer, which is the file that you guys get when you download the game. Engine changes are done unless last minute critical problems are discovered. Starting today we are only concerned with testing the final product for any installation issues and other last minute critical problems. This is what we call Final Candidate.


Once the game has hit Final Candidate, it's ready for release as soon as we've determined that there are no installation problems. However, almost always there are some issues to sort out. Such is the nature of software. This last phase usually goes through a few iterations before it is ready. When the game is deemed ready for release, we then send it to the download servers and shortly afterwards it can be released for you guys to download. In other words, Final Candidate is the very last step before release.


How long does Final Candidate last? As long as it takes.  :D Seriously though, it can be very short if there are no problems, or take longer if we uncover problems at the end. It is not always easy to predict.


There will be a coded message on when to release the refresh monkeys. You will know it when you see it.  ;)

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