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Rest in peace Otto Carius


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Otto is a Legend, of course.  Also read his biography, mostly about his military career, not his pharmacy business.  Stopped by his drugstore in the early 90's, Otto was in back, and I was up front checkout line with half rack Rolling Rock, pack of unfiltered Camels, bag of David's barbecue sunflower seeds (never get the ranch ones, nasty), and couple jerky sticks.  The problem came up waiting for my prescription to be filled.  Otto walked over, I had started bitching about the prices of the capsules release versus standard pills.  Otto assured me that yes, capsules are more expensive, especially for my Zoloft and cost had to be forwarded to the customer.  We talked for a little bit, laughed about Hogan's Hereos, his favorite character(s) are Klink & Newkirk, while mine are Shultz & Carter.  Otto showed off & bragged about his battle wounds, that the Russians could never get him, but nobody escapes prostate problems, that's why he got into the business he's in, selling medical.  


Narrow the way,


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Thanks for this. Am just finishing Tigers in the Mud,  a book I first encountered in the early 1990s at friend's house, in the original superb (priced accordingly) oversize Fedorowicz hardcover edition. Believe that one had lots more pics, but it may also be defective recall. He also had one on a heavy tank hunter unit, too. Good thing I'm honest (and he's sharp), else his library might've been decremented by a couple of volumes. Or would it have been? He had walls covered with collectible signed by famous WW II warriors military art, too.




I have no idea what to make of what you said. You make it sound like you met him in the US, judging by the description you provided of your purchases. My take on Carius is that he wasn't the type to go about bragging about his wounds. More confusion here. On balance, it reads like some sort of cross between Joseph Conrad and Hunter S. Thompson. Things may've happened exactly as you say, but I find the entire account pretty bizarre.




John Kettler

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