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Interesting map editor bug?

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I am putting together a small scenario in the CMRT map editor. When I went to set the parameters for the battle, I noticed the last item listed reads "Axis Electronic Warfare Strength" where it should say "Force vs. Force".





Was not aware that electronic warfare was so prevalent on the 1944 Eastern front! Did BF get a little ahead of themselves with Black Sea and accidentally put this in with the latest RT update?


I am running v. 1.02 if that matters.

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I was able to reproduce it. And I have logged it. I believe this is just a mislabelling of the Force vs Force choice and not a more serious issue. Report here if I am wrong about that.


Thats all it appeared to be. The drop-down to the right still has the typical "axis - allied" "axis-axis" "allied-allied" choices. 

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