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'Where The Iron Crosses Grow'... The Crimea 1941 - 1944

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Hi chaps,

I'm currently resting in Sri Lanka, waiting for another escort job to Suez.

I've been reading 'Where The Iron Crosses Grow' which covers the war in the Crimea from 1941 to 1944... is anyone else read, or currently reading this excellent title?

This theatre of operations would make an interesting expansion module to Red Thunder, especially the opening battles in 1941.

Limited troops and equipment, ad hoc units thrown together, even LAH were involved in the early stages.

The entry points into theatre were difficult to negotiate, with bottlenecks, marshes, limited manoeuvre capability, and wide open approach routes giving the defender excellent fields of fire.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the book and recommend it to anyone who has not looked at this theatre of operations in detail before.

It also has a brief history of the region that leads up to its state of readiness, (or lack thereof) just before the invasion.

Any thoughts?

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BFC plan to eventually progress, year by year, back through the war, so much of the material will become accessible as they develop packs and modules to cover terrain elements and TO&E that aren't part of the "main thrust" that the initial family base game for each year covers (I imagine the '43 family will kick off with Kursk and focus on the formations involved there, for example). How much of the material in the base game of any family can adapt to specific locales not part of the initial focus (like the Crimea; I can't see BFC making that the headline operation for any of the years) remains to be seen. But it is to be hoped that BFC find it economical to cover a broad spectrum of terrain and TOs; there are some pretty keen chaps out there :)

It's also not beyond the bounds of possibility that with the advent of the announced "only one of you has to have bought the content" feature of the master installer, the release model might be able to change so that new theatres and periods can be modules... Indeed, how long BFC continue with OpenGL as their graphics engine is unknown; CMx3 might be the advent of their Unity-based offering, and given it'll take about 6 years to get the 3 remaining planned families of OstFront content released, it's not impossible they'll migrate before then, and who knows whether there will be backwards-compatible engines for existing content, or whether they'll start again with Normandy...

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I recently received this book as an order from Amazon, but I havent had a chance to read it. Skimming through it though it certainly seemed very promising. The Crimean campaign was tough, from what I read elsewhere, it will be nice to have it in more detail as a subject on its own this time.

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