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I like the modern setting for CM and I have played all the modules for CMSF, but I think that fire support and artillery in general need to be modeled more accurately.  When calling in a fire mission, I think battlefront can have you select options much closer to what the MCWP 3-16.6 and FM 6-30 have in their procedures.


When initiating a fire mission, the observer should have the following options:

Adjust Fire

Fire For Effect

Immediate Smoke/Suppression


The 2d transmission is where the target types, sheaf (linear, circular, box), etc can be specified.


And the 3d transmission is where you can specify the number of volleys you want in the effect stage (By battery or battalion) or how long you want you smoke screen to last if you are calling in a smoke mission.


I think artillery would be much more potent if it was implemented closer to US doctrine and it would provide the player a more realistic use of fires and maximize the fire support in the scenario.


Being ignorant of actual programming, is this a significant change to the engine?

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