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Moro River Campaign...?

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Pardon me. I seem to recall seeing someone here say they were working on a Canadian Army Moro River Campaign or some such. I asked a few Canadian fellows if it was them but got bad indications I suffer from early senility. I even did a forum search "Moro". But it was a no go.


Anyways. Whoever you are, if you need/want my help, please PM me. Thanks.

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I tracked him down and he is busy with a huge CMBN campaign. So this Canadian campaign is a project I can take on!


My initial ideas:

benpark's big Ortona map sectionalized. plus some others.

December 1943. 

core force: Rifle Company.

Van Doos (and sometimes attached 3 Rivers Shermans). Because both their regimental badges have beavers....?

Versus 90PGD, 1FJ (and 65GD?).

5 or so small battles.

some player choices, random coin-toss and die roll.


Once again, anyone who wants to contribute, PM me. Amateur map maker opportunity to learn, etc etc etc

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The Allies:




12th Armoured Regiment (lineage from the Three Rivers Regiment)




Royal 22nd Regiment (The Van Doos).


Note: I am not an expert on the Canadian Army, if any of this gets cocked-up, please forgive me and press the semi-fiction button.

But like most scenario writers I am aiming to portray with respect and honor the horrendous events around Ortona in December 1943.


The Axis:




1st FJ Division




90th Panzer Grenadier Division




65th Infantry Division

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Maybe a tad bit closer? Out on the left flank were other divisions not part of my campaign so in that area I can put a banner block with the name of the campaign and a map scale, plus specific battle name, date, time, conditions, etc. For the TacMaps I will stick with my latest method and have the scenario editor 3D preview image of the battle map with overlays showing unit insignia, red arrows, name of town, north arrow, map scale, etc.



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Yes borg. I would love some assistance but all because I want to encourage you specifically to eventually make the Operation Hercules campaign.  :D


I will PM you with some ideas of what you can do. Not much difficulty or time required but to cut your teeth on this aspect of our hobby.

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Yes, I agree. I will focus on Ortona until it is done. But you can start a new thread on Malta if you want to have a place for your info and ideas and to get feedback. If you are indeed serious I would do it.


Name the thread......."Operation Hercules Campaign (Invasion of Malta)"?


....and then sit back and slowly plan it as you learn about the editor. No hurry.

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Great Matt! Glad to have any help. 


Starter chore: If you want to make a 208 by 208 decision map that is good practice. Otherwise it is just my boring road.  Set date to December 43. Make the weather ugly but no snow.

borg already made one and I was impressed at the originality he displayed. He had a nice seaside road along the Adriatic for the player to choose A or B. 


More involved chore in a few days: After I establish the map flow this weekend, you can choose to take one and flesh out the scenario based on some general guidelines for the campaign IF YOU WANT. Or something else to learn the editor. :D

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702 x 224 OpMap. work in progress but I have tentatively designated my 6 battle areas. Now I will look at benpark's Ortona master map to see what to crop and also look at other maps to slightly alter. borg is helping with the decision maps while he learns the editor. Heirloom_tomato is also going to maybe take a swing at one of those or flesh out one of those battle boxes with a juicy "see-nar-ee-oh" as JonS would say it. :D


It seems I finally might have a campaign factory going!



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Just an observation given your above post about the forces that will be involved.


The path and fight you are taking to Ortana looks a bit different to the Van Doo's who were largely on the left flank 1st Canadian Division during the campaign. The closer fit for your campaign I think would be the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada and/or the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. IIRC these two regiments also bore the brunt of the fighting inside the city as well IIRC.


Also for battles 1 and 2 (around San Leonardo) I already have a half finished map if you're interested.



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I would indeed appreciate the San Leonardo map work in progress. Thanks. Invite sent.


I do also appreciate what you are saying about historically what happened but I may use them anyway as a general representation of the overall campaign.

I currently try to restrain myself and remember to aim towards a smaller scope on these campaigns. I want to just have a rifle company sized core force versus a larger project.

I will make a statement in the designer's notes to indicate such...

Plus I like beavers...

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Ithikial's San Leonardo map is freaking awesome! That plus benpark's wonderful Ortona map are a serious "leg up" in making this campaign. My sincere thanks again to Ithikial and benpark.  


My goal is to have this campaign finished by St Patty's Day. This time I want to have some full through campaign playtests before release. Severian? Anybody else? PM me if I can enlist you for that towards the end of February, beginning of March. Put everything else in your life aside. Come on! Have some focus and priority in your life... :D

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You are very welcome.

Slightly off topic....

Do any of you have the same work-CM mental multi-tasking that seems to constantly occur with me?

I can't help it but I can be doing something at work and my mind is drifting off thinking about some detail of a scenario or a great AI plan to create.

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