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This is particularly to those who have served, but by no means limited to them.


One of the things that has always bugged me is the name file in CM is somewhere around 600 names for the Americans anyway.  I have created a file of the top 5000 most common surnames in the US and it works much better. (Excel made it darn easy)   I don't have a whole bunch of guys running around with the same name.  I expect I'll likely do that for other nationalities as well.


In looking for some other info though I came across the casualty lists for Iraq and Afghanistan.  It occurred to me that within some limits (CM only displays 13 characters in name field) I could create a name file made up of those who gave their lives.  What bothers me is - would that be insulting or simply strange?  I am feeling kind of mixed about it.  On the one hand it is a way of maintaining a memory of their sacrifice.  On the other it could be considered kind of creepy.




This is the site if anyone is interested.


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A definite no from me.


It is meaningless without context - off the top of my head I know that one of my Afghan missions was specifically dedicated to LCpl Matthew Ford RM who lost his life during the action depicted and that was explicitly stated in the mission briefing. Having his name pop up somewhere random as one of the unit commanders in game would not really cut it.  Also - what about the women - one of my friends and former colleagues SSgt Sharron Elliott was killed in Iraq in Nov 06.  I would be pretty urinated off to see her name come up next to a picture of a bloke in game.

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