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Modern Buddy Aid


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Have you ever wondered how Modern "Black Sea" buddy aid is different than WWII?


Check out BBC Science Hour today on "Trauma medicine." It is an hour long program but, IMO, well worth a listen.




If you are interested in how ATLS was started, protocols developed and taught in the 70s... how UK MERT teams train and operate in extremely stressful battlefield trauma situations.... much of this is and more is covered in this radio program. It takes a very special mind / skill set to negotiate advanced 'buddy aid'. I know how difficult this work is. I salute these "buddies".



Soldier animations of 'buddy aid' = delivering immediate battlefield first aid, is probably an overlooked part of CM gaming for most of us.  I know CM is a game but I find myself very reluctant to remove any pixel soldier giving buddy aid in a scenario. I kind of think how would this buddy feel seeing his buddy injured next to him.


The note in the CM 3.0 Engine Manual on 'medic' - 'buddy aid'.


"Incapacitated (red base) soldiers who have not received “buddy aid” (i.e. disappeared) by the end of the game have a 25% chance of becoming KIA in the finally tally.

Dead soldiers (brown soldier base) can also receive “Buddy Aid” (by moving a friendly soldier close to the location), but all it does is reclaim their ammo and weapons, if possible. “Aid” to dead soldiers is pretty quick."


I am thankful this important part of the battlefield is represented in CM.

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Thanks for the link.


Camp Bastion hospital in Afghanistan was the focus of the radio program. Video is in same location.


It is the "Platinum 10 Minutes" not gold... but still the vital time to make survival possible... and when it is your mate in the balance you know you are doing everything possible because he would be doing the same for you.


Everything is fast in Modern.

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