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Question about Pre Order


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I live in Argentina, when I tried to pre order the game there is no option to download only


The problem with this is it calculates a fee for shipping, $27 plus the $55, It may no sound like much but U.S. Dollars are not cheap for someone earning an income in Pesos


So, it turns out it would be cheaper to wait an pay $65 for a download only option after release, right?


I don't mind paying $55 and not receiving any physical items, although I see how this may confuse potential costumers, but it would be great for people living outside the U.S. as a special option


Anyway, if I missing something please tell, and if there is a chance for a "download only" pre order I will be clicking on it right away



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I would never recommend to anyone doing mail order. CD and DVD media are rapidly disappearing. Wait for.release, order download only. Store a few copies off some where just in case but beyond that all you are getting is a manual. Is a manual worth that much to you. (Honestly not worth anything to me, I can read and mark it up in a tablet while I play).

There is no pre order for download.

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Thanks for the reply


I thought I might have missed something during the process, release is supposed to be a couple of weeks away in any case


I skipped the WWII games since I´m bored with the period (playing strategy/war games since the 80s), and being waiting for this one since Shock Forces

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