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My C:\ drive is getting full can I delete .brz files

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I have an SSD C: drive and this is the only drive where CMBN runs well the platter drives suck the drive is only 111 Gigs it is getting full I am trying to leave 20% of it free. I did the 3.0 upgrade and it put 2 commonwealth. brz files in my data folder along with 2 market garden .brz files in my data folder that take up 3.83 gigs 


I DO NOT HAVE Commonwealth or Market Garden do not plan on getting them anytime soon may get the vehicle pack so am leaving it in there but I do not at this time want to fool with buying a new and larger SSD drive - for one reason I do not want to figure out how to do a clone of my current C drive and I definitely do not want to reload my pc from a clean c drive 


Anyway I can just delete these right .. 


maybe back them up to another drive like either my F: D: or E: drive they have mega Gigs on them and then if I want the modules just copy them back but probably not cause then they wouldn fit ... 


here is how it looks post-68164-0-42268700-1420077832_thumb.j



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Those are the bits that tell the game what's what.


Afraid you'll have to find something else to move - if those go, your game will not work.


Only because I'm curious, I'm asking - respectfully! - are you sure?


If you want to use them, sure: but the OP is saying that he doesn't have CW or MG, but those modules' .brz files are now present, presumably from the new master installer putting everything there whether you've bought it or not.


But if you don't own, and therefore cannot try to use, the CW or MG modules and their content, why does the game need those .brz files present? (At least, until the new arrangements are active to utilise them so that your opponent can use his content that you don't have ...)


Before the master installer, if you hadn't bought MG, say, then the mg.brz files wouldn't be there??


Just thinking out loud ...  :)

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Yeah I guess its not big deal I still have some harddrive space but it does annoy me because I am so fragile and easy to annoy .... but anyway, when I click on battle, Campaign, and or go to pick a Quick Battle map there are many greyed out stuff I cannot do which is understandable because I do not have the modules AND this to me is a little aggravating probably because I like to whine but anyway If I get bored today I may delete the .brz and see what happens.


Ok thanks for the replies and PHIL M thanks for accurately reading my post "I do not have the CW and MG" this is the valid reason for taking up eveyone's time to post this it is in theory somewhat of a remote valid indirect pointless critical question.

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Ok so I deleted the .brz everything works fine here is before and after of C drive









I still get the greyed out battles and stuff but I figured out I need to delete those respective battles and stuff from the folders they are in for example in the Battle folder it lists all of the battles and the ones with CW and MG I just need to delete .... have not done this but will in future this will probably fix it 





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Ok, PhilM picked up on the fact that you're only asking to delete ( move ) brz's from modules you don't have.


Then the answer is ... maybe. Although it kinda defeats the point of the whole "you can play people with modules you don't have" - 'cos that will definitely not work if you move them.


To me though, it seems false economy - if you do want to put them back and space is still the premium, you're back where you are now, probably with less space.

I'd still find something else to move, but then, CM is the bulk of my gaming.


Edit: Ok, I see you've done it and it works ok. Good luck.

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