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No paratroop choice in Quick Battles is this correct ????

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Be sure you're setting up a battle that isn't "Armour only". That setting will exclude the no-armour airborne. Also, be sure you've picked an armed force which includes airborne troops, in the QB setup screen. The Canadians, Heer, SS and Kriegsmarine might not have any airborne troops to choose from. The scenario editor doesn't require that decision before you enter the force picker, so in scenarios you can have airborne holdouts being relieved by ground pounders. This is not allowed in QBs in order to mitigate some of the cherry picking that would otherwise go on.

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I was choosing Infantry only in the QB battle selection - try it for yourself airborne infantry does not become available as a choice it does though it you choose -  MIX or if you choose Airborne Infantry --- If you choose Airborne Infantry then that is the only choice you get. so the best choice is probably Mix that way you can get airborne and other infantry of course if you allow the defender to choose mix also then the defender could have Armour too - 


I play a lot of infantry only so I have to make sure I choose mix or airborne and make sure the enemy only gets to choose infantry or I get Armour vehicles if I allow them to choose mix .. 


But interestingly choosing Infantry Only does not allow airborne choice again .... try it for yourself.  

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Makes sense to me. If there's an option to explicitly choose Airborne infantry at a given stage, choosing anything other than "Mix" or that option seems likely to exclude that option at later stages. Now you know, you can  choose what best suits your tastes. For my money, choose Mixed and agree with your opponent what manner of cherry-picking combinations of cheese are permitted/considered unsporting.

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