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Ost Front needs some snow? Come over to Italy comrades! We got plenty.

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Today was released my new CMFI GL campaign as axis versus AI.






An entire army has been secretly brought into this sector of the front to support an audacious plan with the potential to change the outcome of the war. 1943 has been a bad year for the Fatherland. On the Ost front, we are still reeling back from the summer disaster at Kursk. Moreover, the loss of both Africa and Sicily combined with the Salerno landings earlier in the fall have made the time ripe for a high stakes gamble to stall and disrupt the plans of our Anglo-American enemies.
Your overall mission is to reach the supply docks in Napoli and stab a dagger in the heart of 5th Army.
You will get the chance to command a variety of kampfgruppes!
Panzer Kampfgruppe Von Wenman.
Fallschirmgruppe Kerner.
Nachshubgruppe Schwartz.
More details will be explained in each battle briefing.
The 5th Army is composed of a mix of both familiar veterans as well as newly arrived green units. You will encounter mostly US troops but other allied troops have also been seen.
Strike with iron-clad boldness! Cross the Musa River at any available bridge. The roadnet in this area is very challenging. Be on the watch for any opportunity to by-pass enemy resistance but follow your assigned rollbahn unless otherwise directed in the battle briefings. Use attached forces to protect your flanks and press on with brutal shock force to the docks at Napoli... 


More info here! http://community.bat...31-coming-soon/


Happy Holidays to everybody from kohlenklau!

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I hope you all enjoy it. The first battle is 40-50 minutes but after that, there are mostly shorter battles of 10 or 15 minutes. Battle vignettes I have come to call them.

Maybe one other of longer time, maybe 40 minutes. 

So, this scenario shouldn't take a month to finish.

I appreciate you downloading them and let me know what you think by PM, thread post here or whatever, carrier pigeon!

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