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Question about Egyptian flag in AoD

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I've asked this question before for the Storm over Europe scenario in the WW I Great War/Breakthrough engine and I know what happens in that case.  But I've just revisited my AoD flag mod and there are a few more Commonwealth flags that I would like to change, and this is one of them.


As it stands now Egypt is flying the Union flag, but it should actually be using the green flag that it uses in the un-modded version of WW I Breakthrough.


In the Breakthrough Storm over Europe scenario using a green flag for Egypt causes problems when reinforcements from the rest of the Commonwealth start showing up.  Will the same thing happen in AoD ?

I don't want to put a green flag into Egypt and then discover that Indian Army or ANZAC reinforcements are using a green flag for their headquarters units.





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Hi Philippe


I'm afraid so. However, if you were to amend the UNIT scripts for the 1939 World at War campaign, firstly by deleting the script entitled Commonwealth HQ Arrives In Egypt.


Then by changing the three instances of:




To be:




And running the Update button in the Editor to recheck the UNIT script type.


You could then change the Egpytian flag. :)


The changes above would mean that the Commonwealth units would arrive as British, and as the British have their own HQs it makes most sense to delete the Commonwealth HQ.



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Hi Bill,


Many thanks for getting back on this before the files from Historical Flags and Symbols mod version 1.03 landed at the Repository.  I'll restore the Union flag and activation icons to the Egyptian slots in version 1.03 (as well as the hitherto undisclosed and almost completed version 1.04).


A fundamental principle behind the mods that I make is that they are graphics-only.  That's important because it allows someone who uses one of my mods to play someone who doesn't without any difference in their game files, so no one will be accused of cheating if there's ever any kind of checksum, file, or line comparison.  I learned this lesson the hard way from modding games with active clubs and competitive ladder play.  I've managed to stick to this principle with pretty much all of the mods I've made for many different game series, and I'm reluctant to deviate from it unless I encounter a really compelling reason.  


I hope that in any future work that you do on games in this series you manage to keep the display of the nationality of each unit distinct at all times, and make the display of the pre-surrender French, Vichy French, and Free French a little more legally correct (Vichy France was France until it was overtaken by the Free French).  

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