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CM Helper 1.5.0: please update (windows users particularly)

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Hi All,


CMH 1.5.0 is at http://bit.ly/cm-helper


The main motivation for this release is to eliminate the occasional case where if Windows crashes with CMH open this would cause CMH to have errors starting up next time (it's "App State" would get corrupted).


1.5.0 tries even harder than before to avoid this.


In addition, 1.5.0 now keeps the "notes" about games (game->right click->Notes) separately - in text files that you can find yourself if you need to, and that CMH will never delete.   So if something does go wrong, at least these are not lost.


There are a couple of other minor bugfixes as well.



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H2HH turned into CMH some time back ... they're the same thing, only CMH is more recent.


If you're happy with the H2HH that you have, then you don't have to change, but if you even need support you'll need to update first - I can't support H2HH any more.  Also CMH has some things that H2HH doesn't.   Most noticeable is that all games are on a single pane, instead of spread between separate panes per game type.   Also, CMH tells you what versions/patches you have installed of the various games.


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