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Win 7 64 Pro & Nvidia FX770

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Ok, I had no issues running BB/AK on my older Dell D810 ATI X600 128mb w\Win XP and a D830 Nvidia 140M 256mb w\Win 7 64 Home Premium. I also have a old Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop AMD7750 Vid w\Win 7 Home Premium also with no issues playing.

I decided to replace these laptops them with a newer ( 5 yrs old ) Dell Precision with Win 7 64 Pro w/Nvidia Quadro FX770M 512mb. The games load-up fine until I go to the Battlefield and here the frames are very low and the Battlefield choppy with multiple terrain overlaying on top of each other making the game unplayable. I tried using the Nvidia Control Panel changing certain aspects, but nothing seems to work.

Any help would be appreciated to resolve this problem...If all else fails, then I will just go back to the previous laptops.


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