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New file at the Repository: In the Fields Where the Poppies Grow (2014-12-07)

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Could you tell us a few things not mentioned in your repository description.

1) Which version of CMBN is compatible with this scenario?

2) Where in Normandy does it occur?

3) What is the general tactical situation?

You've told us Who and When. Am looking to know more about Where and How. But especially need to know What Version. Thank you for your efforts producing this.

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Thank you Badger for bringing this to my attention as I did forget to add this information. I added a update to the campaign description that should appear soon but I will also add it here.

The campaign does require CW, MG and the Vehicle Pack as some elements were taken from each. It also was designed with the latest version of CMBN, 3.11 I believe.

The Campaign takes place in northern France and follows the Company as they attempt to link up with the rest of the 7th Armored for the final drive towards Chartres, France. They will encounter a German rearguard and counter attack actions as the surviving Germans attempt to retreat after being devastated in the Falaise Pocket and other areas from relentless allied air attacks.

I hope this information is helpful and I apologize for it being left out. I do hope the campaign will be enjoyable for those who try it out.

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Thank you Niall. There will be a updated version of this campaign soon that will correct some grammer and narrative issues and some minor AI issues. It's nothing game changing and shouldn't effect any battle outcomes it's just a few issues I find annoying. Heavy machine gun crews moving themselves in counterattack when they should stay put is one example. I want this to be as complete as possible for everyone's enjoyment. Also I have started on a similar style campaign for CMRT so hopefully I can apply what I have learned from this one to make it even better.

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Version 2 has been uploaded and should hopefully appear soon. There were several AI adjustments made thanks to the help of several members as well as some grammer corrections in the narrative. My pixeltruppen seem to be behaving like I want them to so I will not have to send them all to the eastern front :D . Please continue to give input on the campaign as it will help me improve. I am currently working on a similar style campaign for CMRT.

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I downloaded it, today, unzipped and put in my campaign folder, but can't see the file.


Think this may have something to do with the 3.11 patch issue? I am currently stuck at 3.10 until they sort this out (Mac issues with unit names)




Oh. I re-read the above. Vehicle pack and 3.11. Guess I will have to wait...

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