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Vehicles to be added with modules (current armies)


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Hi all,

looks like there's a good bounch of vehicles that future modules for CMBS could include, so I'd like to see if we can pull out a list of ideas, you never know bfc forgot something.

I'll start with some goodies:


BMP-2 (bar armor version)



Looks a bit more than a field modification, since the armor sections are well designed with respect to the vehicle shape.

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Id like to see BMP-2 for Russia also, as an alternative for lower readiness units.

As for units actually in service (i.e not things like BMP-T)

-SPRUT-SD for VDV and VMF modules/module.

-PTS-1 for VMF as an amphibious tractor formation, like an amtrac formation in cmsf marines module.

-BMD series for UKR VDV and VDV (BMD-2/3/4, BTR-MD).

-BMO-T for Sapper formations


Units not actually in service or rumoured to be in service.


-BMP-T, or BMP-T72

And of course - Bumerang, Kurganets, Armata - after the May 2015 parade :D

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Now that we have vehicle mine clearing technology, how about this one:


M1 Panther


This would be cool to get in a vehicle pack down the road. I don't know what the rarity would be set at. I Googled the M1 Panther and read that only six were in service with the US Army. But it still gets my vote.

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