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How to increase FPS


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I'm not certain, but I believe with some of the earlier TOW series games that you may get a bit better performance by setting the 'affinity'. To do this you would have to launch the game and get into the 3D portion of the game. Once there Alt-Tab out of the game to minimize it and then Ctrl-Alt-Del and select 'Start Task Manager'. In here go to the 'Processes' tab and find the TOW.exe (or possibly '.bin' file) and right-click on this listing. This will bring up a popup menu. Select 'Set Affinity...' and in here UNCHECK '<All Processors>' and checkmark the box next to 'CPU 3' or some other CPU core (preferably one that isn't busy - checking in the 'Performance' tab).

I'm not certain if later patches to the TOW 2 and 3 series reduced the possible benefits to doing this or not.

The GeForce GTX 770 should be able to handle the TOW game engine with ease, but if that still isn't doing it for you, then turning off the shadows in the game should increase the framerate significantly.

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