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CM Black Sea – BETA Battle Report - Russian Side

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In my opinion anti aliasing is a very important graphic feature. the difference between a 3d environment with or without AA, even of the basic type and high resolutions, is huge (you need to look at an image at full screen size to see the difference, not to mention with the camera in motion).

The special filter did not have AA in CMRT, I have not seen anything in the patch notes, and moreover, seems the feature is missing also in CMBS.

AA is still present in CMBS without the filter on.

AA is also a feature that can't be considered of a very high end, since it's quite old now, it has a lot of variation in terms of available tecnologies, it keeps advancing every year, and it's something common in practically all new game software by years now.

So, in conclusion, the problem was not corrected or nor recognized as such, so the special filter option has no AA and the resulting image is of a lower quality.

We can argue of tastes and such, but the lack of AA in special filter view is something that can't be recognized in other way than in a degradation of image quality (if you consider a) what AA does, B) the fact that AA is in game without the filter on).

Then it's up to the single user to suffer more or less from this situation. I am lucky enough to sport a good high resolution with CM games on my computer, but all those who need to use lower resolutions will notice the problem much more.

Personally that makes me not wanting to use such filter, despite the desire to and the improvement that filter does on some colors -for my tastes-.

I managed to mod CMRT in such a way that the color palette is very close to that of the filter, and I could enjoy the AA feature, but that required quite a lot of work with the game files.

I really hope this will be addressed some day.

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I'll light a candle for you.    

First post here.   Been playing since CMBN and I just wanted to say thank you Bil for your excellent posts as I have been following for quite some time without joining the forums.   Quite excited

I wouldn't say it is a walk in the park, but the US equipment does have some significant advantages.  Bil is also factoring in who he is playing.  If it were me instead of PL, Bil would more than like

Ha, I went through the same angst as CMBN came close to release and I have upgraded again since.

The problem with ignoring that group is CMBS forces have a way of punishing you severely for any mistakes. I think Bil needs to batter that force fast while he can. If not he faces having to fight two battles at once and that will not end well. He'll have a force buried in his rear with potential LOS/LOF on his units defending from the other force. You know Scott will work those force in coordination so his recon will be spotting for opportunities for his surrounded force to strike.

I was thinking that he could go for a quick destruction/ routing of Ukrainian forces in a broad swathe from the Power Station to the Service station. This would secure the South East and give him a secure rear.

Set units for delaying action of relief force while he infiltrates the town. And holding the Power Station may give him flanking opportunities if the relief force passes on a northern approach.

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Think quickly and be decisive and resourceful in accomplishing the mission.

Russian Operational and Tactical Principles

My intent in this battle is to engage Scott as far forward as possible to negate some of his advantages, I want to stay mobile and maintain the initiative, at least until the force against me gets too overwhelming. Then I will transition into a delay operation and attempt to survive the onslaught.


I will not be assaulting the pocket, I want to suppress and attrit them with artillery fire and will be expending all of my indirect fire assets on this task. I only want to attempt to keep their heads down. I have invested the pocket with a ring of reconnaissance units to keep an eye on it and give me some warning of a breakout attempt.


Maneuver forces should attack the weakest points in enemy defenses. ... Bypass enemy strongpoints to strike deeply into his rear.

Russian Operational and Tactical Principles

1st and 2nd MRCs each with one Tank Platoon (TP) will be quickly moving forward toward the relief force into the best covered routes where I expect Scott to advance. If I have an advantage in this area now I want to seize on that... it’s a gamble and could cost me the battle if he has M1s on the map from the beginning or if he has a US Cavalry Troop... but I have to engage them sooner or later, might as well do it on my terms.

1st MRC is deployed tightly on my left flank, 2nd MRC will be initially deployed in great depth in order to hopefully deceive Scott as to their intention… they will rush into the wooded area in the center of the map and toward Scott’s forces. I expect this deployment might leave a few of them open to fire from the pocket, but I hope that is minimal. Note that 1st MRC’s deployment if detected by Scott (highly likely) might just make the terrain to its front less than ideal for him to advance into.

1st and 2nd MRCs will each have a Tunguska for protection against enemy air.

I will be positioning the GL platoon and the ATGM section to protect the flanks of 2nd MRC’s area of operation (AO) and the right flank of 1st MRC’s AO.


3rd MRC (dismounted) will be in position around the Power Station objective and will eventually be tasked with seizing it.


The remaining Tank Platoon and the TC commander’s tank are being held in reserve.

I am saving my fixed and rotary wing assets for future developments.

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But I agree that smashing the encircled ukranians first with what you have should be a priority

They (the encircled ones) seem to be near, or already in, an urban/built up area. That means that it would be very difficult to disable them completely as a threat. It most surely would cost me dearly in time, men and material.

I believe that a relative small portion of my force could delay the encircled troops if they decide to break out. The Ukrainians would have to advance over one of three bridges (that at least is what the map seems to indicate) which makes a small-force delaying/defensive action pretty possible.

Attacking the "big brother coming to the rescue"-force is an unavoidable necessity, so I would go at him first.

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Wow you have quite a bit of air support Bill, that will be great to use when things get a bit too heavy. I wonder if the US has any air assets (Aside from UAV's as I am positive they will be there), and of his air defense capabilities. I say (From no position of authority ;)) that you use it as early as possible against the US force, reason being is that once he gets the bulk of it on the field chances are he will have some good air defense up. You might as well crush as much of it as possible without direct risk to your units.

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I thought I had been able to suppress my yearning for a new PC with the following arguments:

"You don't really need a new PC."

"Your current one will do for a few more years."

"If you behave like a man, not like a boy, you can withstand those annoying evergrowing Battlefront-PC-performance demands. You don't NEED Red Thunder and the rest!!!"

"You can use the money for wiser things."

But when I saw the Black Sea announcement I felt doubt creep up again, and if I keep looking at this AAR I know I am defenseless; soon my home will be invaded by a new PC.

Since I only played BF's WW2 games, I'm very curious how this modern warfare battle plays out.

Just one question Bill: have you considered to ignore the isolated group and go straight for the reliefparty with all you've got?

Good luck and thanks again for days of excitement.


Welcome back Seedorf81. Of course you need a new pc. And that is a wise thing to do. Money is boring, a new pc is fun. You NEED Red Thunder and you NEED Black Sea. Just say...yes :D

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Your T-90AMs are to the ukrainians what the M1A2s are to you. A deathwagon with Relikt ERA and Arena. Unless the Ukrainians have been given Javelins or something else that is Top-attack. They will be extremely difficult for the Ukrainians to destroy. Even the BMP 3s with the arena and ERA will be hard for older soviet equipement to deal with. Don't fret too much about the M1A2s and try for mobility kills and a few knock outs from air assets and ATGM ambushes, the Krisanthema is supersonic and has a powerful warhead. Then you can use your Tanks to out-manoeuver them and get side shots. He's a real life armor officer and his skills have much to do with maneuver. Take that away from the beginning and his skills will matter much less. I speak from no position of authority btw ;) This seems like an exciting scenario with a lot of drama ;)

BTW, looking at the map and the very restricted LOS and concealment, I dont think he's happy sending his relief force into this terrain. He could suffer a lot of costly ambushes.

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The modern equipment looks great already! Its going to be fun to watch you guys play it out.

I just noticed that you get quite some points for preserving powerstation, workshop and pumphouse. I dont remember how preserve objects worked in CMSF( its really that long ago...), but i suspect that there might not be much to preserve from the powerstation after 2*120mm mortar bombardments. :D

Another question i was asking myself, what kind of onboard AA would the US have? Didnt find anything in the BlackSea page except from MANPADS-platoon.

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I think your initial plan is quite sound Bil. I reckon that you're right that pnzrldr will initially hunker down in the town. But eventually he'll be guessing what your actual attacking forces are up to.

Maybe some sort of demonstration is in order, to mask your intent. If I understood correctly, you'll be directing a beefy barrage on the town. The longer that barrage is, and the more of your recon assets he sees, the longer you'll keep him guessing.

(I haven't read pnzrldr thread yet, will do so when the battle is over :))

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Looking forward to following along Bil. I think you just may find yourself between a rock and a hard place with this scenario since the cards look a bit in pnzldr's favor having you sandwiched between two forces. If you can pull a win out of this it would be your most impressive victory. Good luck! (I think you will need it ;)

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Looking forward to following along Bil. I think you just may find yourself between a rock and a hard place with this scenario since the cards look a bit in pnzldr's favor having you sandwiched between two forces. If you can pull a win out of this it would be your most impressive victory. Good luck! (I think you will need it ;)

Thanks Vin.. yeah like I said in an earlier post.. my first impression was that it looks like I was set up to fail in this one. Maybe the forces are balanced enough to make it interesting, but I don't know.. placing a company sized element in the town and then a large relieving force, already known to be about a company (+) in size on the map, with US reinforcements coming... heh.. well, I'll do the best I can with what I have.

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Hey Bil do you have a photoshop or paint software that you would recommend or that you use to draw your tactics and unit locations etc?

Yeah I only use Photoshop for my still graphics and Premiere Pro for my videos. There used to be a free version of Photoshop available on line from Adobe. You'll have to search to see if that's still out there.

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Not sure if it still works as Adobe got wise > http://www.redmondpie.com/download-adobe-photoshop-cs2-for-free-legally-while-you-still-can/

Quick question - what's the weather in the scenario? Would fog/mist/rain/wind degrade/hamper spotting capabilities for either sides UAVs? It seems the ScanEagle UAV gets Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) http://www.gizmag.com/scaneagle-uav-gets-synthetic-aperture-radar-sar/9007/ but will Russians also have the same capabilities?

Enemy fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan adapt to army tactics, and time their attacks based on U.S. flying schedules, said Staff Sgt. Frank C. Petersen, a UAS instructor at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. “I can’t say that they figured out what our weather limitations were, but they definitely could tell when we were or weren’t flying,” he said.

Many weather events can keep drones on the ground — high winds, lightning, freezing temperatures. “When there was bad weather, it seemed like there was always an increase in rocket fire or mortar attacks,” Boehning said. “I think they knew when we weren’t flying. I think it’s pretty obvious.”


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