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CM Black Sea – BETA Battle Report - Russian Side

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I'll light a candle for you.    

First post here.   Been playing since CMBN and I just wanted to say thank you Bil for your excellent posts as I have been following for quite some time without joining the forums.   Quite excited

I wouldn't say it is a walk in the park, but the US equipment does have some significant advantages.  Bil is also factoring in who he is playing.  If it were me instead of PL, Bil would more than like

AlexUK, thanks! Stay tuned its sure to get very hot. ;)

Perhaps a dumb-sounding question, but...Bil, I assume that each of your units calling in air support have direct LOS to the target areas?

Guess I should have mentioned that... nope. For air support you do not need LOS to the targeted area.

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Helicopters and UAS do not require LOS. Fixed-wing aircraft still require LOS (either direct or via UAV observation).

Wow, the whole issue of integrating UAV observation with CAS will be really fun for us WWII-heads to learn! I'm looking forward to watching Bil show off some of these toys.

I never was a fan of CMSF and, honestly, didn't expect to change my mind with Black Sea. But after following this DAR -- I'm definitely getting hooked!

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As can be seen I plotted the aircraft to an area right in front of 2nd MRC.. I plotted this a few turns ago so didn't really have much good intelligence on where the enemy units were located, or where the reinforcements will come in.. so I plotted this area in the middle of where his setup zone was and crossed my fingers. They will come in on turn 15 or 16.

Will the attack be done randomly within the target area or do fixed wing support have logic to spot targets within the area before the actual attack?

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Can you explain why that is so? What about artillery?

What I think he means is that when you call them in, you can tell them to cover any area, without actually having LOS to the point at which you want the helicopter/uas to cover.

You need to have this LOS for artillery and air fixed wing requests - i.e the point at which you want the artillery to hit you need to spot it onto the target, and for fixed wing you generally need to either guide the weapon in with a designator or to guide the aircraft in with azimuth and distinguishing features near the target.

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Wre you worried about the tunguska (Or about any anti-air systems reinforcing the US)? Wouldn't it be a waste to send air units into the sights of (perhaps still reinforcing) stingers, etc?

Well they have to attack somewhere. In modern warfare, every platoon could have man portable AA, each of his companies might have a Tunguska attached. All I can do is target my air support and hope they survive. I know he has a Tunguska in the pocket, maybe man portable missiles as well.. I do not know what his AD assets are in the relief force... where else could I use my air assets other than against those two enemy groupings?

I guess the alternative would be to leave them out of the equation and leave them safe on their bases. ;)

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The Eighth Minute

Didn't I just mention that I had no information on the infantry from Scott's Ukrainian MRC? Well at least some of them, perhaps two squads worth started moving from the village on the map edge to the treeline where it looks like I might be moving with 1st MRC's BMP 3s.

Those BMP 3s continue to bound forward.. no contacts yet, but steadily forward they move.

In the background of this image you can see where Scott's US Recon Platoon is located. Well out of the action, for now.


2nd MRC is still working down the rear slope of center hill. Scott reversed his sole remaining BMP 2 back down the hill while it is being pursued by two platoons worth of BMP 3s. I figure I have a couple turns before any US forces show up so I am toying with maybe driving hard into his US Recon platoon to wipe it from the map.. but I don't know if they have any Javelins.. probably not.. I think I would have seen those flying about by now if they were on the field.

I also don't want to get caught in the open in the middle of an Abrams or Bradley platoon.


Back in the pocket my T-90s are driving hard towards Scott's Tunguska... interestingly the section on the left has driven pretty far beyond the Power Station without seeing any enemy teams. I expected to see a picket or two in this area. I also stayed off any roads in case they were mined.


Well well.. it appears Scott has a second Tunguska... this one was seen driving fast out of town.. that could complicate matters.. or it could be an indication that it is not comfortable in the town with my artillery falling and Scott wants to get his high value assets out of danger.

Note the BMP 2 on the edge of the town.. I was hoping Scott would creep this guy forward.. he did, area fired close to my scouts (no casualties) and was immediately spotted by one of my BMP3s... result? It's below this image.



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Scott is getting really good at sending me turns too late for me to do a proper write up.. turn 9 came in last night and it's another action packed turn. Scott's US recon platoon gets in on the action, my T-90s advancing through the pocket fire at "something", one of my Tunguskas fire, and so on... stay tuned, I'll do a proper write up tonight.

Here is a little teaser "Snake in the Grass".

What do you think is the outcome?

Does my BMP 3 die?

Does the shooter survive?


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...and because your BMP-3's are clustered, each one sets off the adjacent one. A chain reaction sympathetic detonation, linking all the way back to your T-90's...which explode in turn.

With one RPG shot, Scott has swept the field!!!

Okay, that's one extreme. I'll say a fireball, a crater, and leafless trees.

Stop teasing and POST!!!


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