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New file at the Repository: Char & Char Alike (2014-11-11)

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Uh, oh...

I updated the file to eliminate a typo and it looks like the Repository system has created a whole new location for the scenario and killed the old one, along with deleting my thumbnails.

That took 2 seconds to update on GAJ's site--with no hiccups . It would be great if the Repository system could be streamlined like that.

Here's the new url folks:


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15807527727_74592d4e11_c.jpgchar and char AAR

Wow. That must have been one of the most brutal CM scenarios I´ve ever played!

You´ve certainly got a knack for nasty surprises - and ambushes. I had to reload quite a few times to save myself from horribly high losses. And still it was bitter battles over every square meter - and from house to house.

It was great fun to get to play with Chars and their flamethrowers, but also very frustrating. Several times I found myself screaming at them: "I´ll have you court martialled, you bloody coward", when they chickened out at the most crucial moments and left their infantry buddies exposed and alone with those damn paratroopers.

The only downside was controlling the tanks and LOF inside the Rail Centre: It seems that when buildings and streets are placed diagonally on the map it sometimes gets nearly impossible to move vehicles through the area - and I had some very frustrating moments, when defenders could fire at me from the buildings, but I couldn´t get any LOS to them whatsoever. But that is a game mechanics issue, not anything I can blame you - or even the map designer ( ;) ) - for.

In the end I was very pleasantly surprised to win a tactical victory - and draw was all I had dared dream for. Great scenario, thanks a lot for making it.

15805995340_e19cde8237_b.jpgchar and char4

15917897676_af6abfd1bf_b.jpgchar and char

15805995630_bec25d18f2_b.jpgchar and char3

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I played this scenario, the German side, in PBEM against a friend with a lot of experience in CM (like me!) Ended with a win major allies.


It is certainly an interesting scenario: the map is very beautiful and also the story.


I think that is not very balanced for H2H. The ratio between the infantry is practically 1: 1and "tanks" can not make a difference.


So I think it would be necessary to create a duplicate of the scenario (named H2H) eliminating part of the allied infantry.


In any case, I thank the author for his work, I had great fun playing and using the new vehicles.

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what a slaughter. i finally got the battlepack 1 and the vehiclepack. my tactic was to leave wide parts of the map unconsidered. out of the consideration: if i completely pull everything at the southern map border towards the east, i minimize a lot of potential enemy contact and am almost at the gates of the rail center. i moved the entire infantry into the forest in the south. the hill in the southeast served as a bof for the two mg teams and as a scouting base for the company commander. artillery strike, "all in" on the rail center. area fire of the three light tanks. assault of the infantry over the bridge in the south. simultaneous advance of the tanks. although extremely heavy losses, a major victory. a very nice scenario, glory to the creator.



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