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Graph and MPPs

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When I look at the graph for MPPs per country how is convoyed money represented?


US collected x MPPs and convoys y money to the USSR (sealion worked heh)

When looking at US MPPs will: x be shown or x minus y?

For the USSR, let's say they make w money.

Will the graph include the convoyed MPPs in their 'money collected' (aka will it show w or w+y)?


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I should start by saying that I probably don't know what I'm talking about, so take everything I say cum grano salis.

My understanding is that the MPP per country graph shows the total of all income from all sources.

There's another graph which shows convoy income and convoy revenue lost. I beleive the convoy income number gets included in the total MPP per country. If the convoy revenue lost number gets high enough, the convoy income number will go to zero.

Somebody will probably come along in a minute and tell you what the real answer is.

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Ok so if the USSR gets convoy money from the US it would show up in the MPPs graph

And since the US collected the money before sending it would be there also

It's just to have an idea of the total income available to the allies in my game. If the US sends 200 to the USSR that's a 200 they don't have anymore I have to factor that when I read the graph...

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