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Amphibious vehicles. And I had just posted in the CMBN forum that I thought they'd be a lower priority in the plan.

It ends up being pretty important for CMBS because the USSR put high emphasis on amphib. capability in its armored vehicle designs, a design emphasis that continues to this day in Russian and most of the former USSR states.

If your country is a land criss-crossed with a lot of large rivers, to defend said land you build stuff that can cross rivers.

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If you have only played WW2 Combat Mission titles, download the CMSF demo and try the demo missions. Interface is much crappier than in later releases and visuals are also not quite as good but it gives you a chance to experience the far deadlier modern equipment while waiting for CMBS. You'll be in for a surprise - it's as if every rifleman carried an MP-44 and a Panzerschreck and every tank was IS-2.

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Great news!

Always enjoyed Modern CMSF but the list of new Black Sea features is HUGE!

Good advice from Sergi re: trying the CMSF demo to get a taste of modern in the early CM game engine. I am sure Modern will take some adjusting to but Black Sea will be a Battlefront quality Combat Mission game and it comes with "Active Protection Systems" ... that detect and defeat incoming projectiles so your are good ;)

WWII and Modern: Something I noticed when I bought the full Mac CMSF Bundle.

I was enjoying play WWII games ...CMFI, CMBN, CMRT but now and then I would jump into Modern with CMSF.

My appreciation of both military periods / conflicts was enhanced!

Playing Modern made me realize how instantaneous weapons systems are now and how that alters strategy and tactics. Playing WWII made me appreciate the ruggedness of a more spartan tool kit and how that impacted strategy and tactics then.

If I had to choose ... I would play both :)

WWII and Modern combined provides enhanced understanding of strategy, tactics and weapons systems in historical scenarios / campaigns and user made scenarios. Much like when I got the full Mac CMSF Bundle I began to understand the NATO forces look the same but are not.

So happy to see all these new units and features... in Version 3 of the Combat Mission game engine. Black Sea is going to ROCK.... Big Time :D

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