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Trials and tribulations in anti-virus software land

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A couple of days ago my anti-virus decided that it didn't like the way Strategic Command was pulling files out of one program and using them in another.

I found out about it when I fired up the Breakthrough Storm over Europe scenario and noticed that WW I period flags from the wrong countries were flying over the capitals of WW II Europe.

Up until that point the Combat Mission demo had been giving my anti-virus fits, but not Strategic Command.

So I've reset my anti-virus to exclude Strategic Command Great War and Breakthrough and re-installed both of them.

Oddly enough it was not a bad thing to have happen, because it forced me to install my mods over a clean copy of Strategic Command. Much to my chagrin I discovered that there were experimental mods (some lost in the re-install) that I had assumed were showing up in the posted versions, but that actually weren't. Seaplane strength indicators are a case in point (they're now back in).

So that is why there was another round of mod postings this morning. But it is also an object lesson in why the expansions of these games need to be more self-contained. The sharing material between programs feature seems to be what is running afoul of Avira, and will probably cause other marketing problems if the Strategic Command games gain a wider audience in the future.

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