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CMMODS down - I'm on it

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Hi All,

CMMODS went down over night - I don't know the reason why yet.

The hosting provider (heroku.com) made some changes on Monday: my other sites are still up, and CMMODS supposedly passed the "readiness" test, but this might be the reason.

Or it might be something else.

It might be the weekend before I can give it proper attention - thanks for your patience.


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Thanks for letting us know that you´re on it - I have been wondering if you were aware of it.

I hope my huge mod set is not to blame. And appropos: I have been trying to update the mod set, but I keep getting a message that says something like "file too large". Is there an upper limit - and if so, what is it?

And thanks once again for your great site - we can´t live without it :)

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GAJ: CMMODS and your CMSF area was invaluable and there are still many mods there that never appeared in the Repository here. Am pretty sure I have every CMSF mod that was ever on CMMODS.

What "support" would you need to bet CMSF area active again - esp since one day we'll have CMSF2, and BLack Sea is close?

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