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Question about Commonwealth flag in SOE

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In earlier versions of my flag mod I had used the correct Egyptian flag for the period, along with Blue Ensigns for the other places it would show up (like activation icons).

I've been running a test game of SOE as the Allies and discovered to my chagrin that this doesn't work. It creates a Commonwealth HQ unit in charge of ANZAC and Free French units flying an Egyptian flag.

And that's why there was another patch early this morning. With much regret I replaced the 3D Egyptian flag with a 3D Union flag. The Blue Ensign activation icons remain unchanged.

[i'm still scratching my head over whether to use a Star of David for the Palestine garrison or not, and I think the darker version of the Blue Ensign is probably too dark, so there will be another patch at some point].

I'm assuming the answer is no, but is there any way, without doing violence to the program, to set things up so that the Commonwealth uses its own flag and Egypt uses a different one? I can live with the current set-up (Union flag in Egypt rather than Green flag in Egypt) because Egypt was under English control and was independant in name only. But if Transjordan can have its own flag...

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Hi Philippe

There is a way but it involves changing the names of some countries and unit scripts.

Otherwise there is no way to have Egyptian flag represented at the same time as the Commonwealth.

One way would be to rename the British Commonwealth as Egypt in the campaign's Localization file, and to either:

amend the Unit scripts relating to the British Commonwealth to be British.

or to amend the Unit scripts to belong to the Transjordan.

With the latter, you would need to rename Transjordan as the British Commonwealth and amend all the relevant flags and activation items accordingly.


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