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New file at the Repository: Marsden Hartley Memorial Flag Mod Great War Edition v. 1.

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***This applies Marsden Hartley to all of the WW I scenarios in The Great War exceptCall to Arms. ***The Breakthrough scenarios pull some of their graphics from whatever is installed inside the Great War folders, so you'll need to have this in place before you install any of the stripped down versions of the Breakthrough scenarios. **The two games have engine differences which prevent many of the Great War scenarios from working properly under the Breakthrough engine, so if you want to play them with the Marsden Hartley mod you'll need to install it to the Great War, rather than installing scenarios that you're interested in from The Great War to Breakthrough. ***The contents of the folder mimic the structure of what's inside your regular Battlefront folder, just make sure to say yes to overwriting whenever you're asked.If you're used to using mods, you'll know that it's always a good idea to back up your originals first.*** Now includes repainted 2D Nato-style symbols ***


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