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New file at the Repository: Marsden Hartley Call To Arms Breakthrough Edition 1.1 (20

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There are two mods of the Breakthrough Call To Arms scenario in this package. One uses a more historically correct yellow-black Austro-Hungarian flag, the other uses a corrected version of the double flag naval ensign that came with the plain vanilla version of the game. The yellow-black version is better.To install the Yellow-Black version (the better one), copy the 'Battlefront' folder and paste it to wherever your Battlefront folder normally resides.The contents of the folder mimic the structure of what's inside your regular Battlefront folder, just make sure you all the copy to overwrite whenever you're asked.To install the other version (boo hiss), change the name of the 'Battlefront_red green Austrians' folder to just 'Battlefront', and do the same thing you did with the better version of the mod.And if you're used to using mods, you'll know that it's always a good idea to back up your originals first.Please give me a shout if I've missed something: there's a lot going on and it's easy to miss things. ** Now includes repainted Nato-style 2D unit sprites **


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