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ability to prolong a scenario after it ends

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I seem to remember being able to keep a scenario/battle going after it ended. There was a way to save it and reload it so you could keep going. Once reloaded some units would be re supplied and their status changed as well. It was a way to continue on and i believe re purchase more uunits. I cant remember how it was done and i think it was on cmbo that i found out how to do it. Anyone know or am i dreaming again? Thanks

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Well... it needs to be emphasized that CM2 is essentially a different game than CM1 - it has a similar name a similar-looking interface.

Many people still play CM1 as it is a different and more fun/easier experience than CM2 which is more of a detailed simulation - and consequently more work.

They are both entertainment products, but many CM1 fans were initially shocked/dismayed by CM2 as it was not what they thought they were getting. ie: CM2 is not merely an "upgrade/improved version of CM1".

As a result, CM1 is still alive and thriving at WeBoB and other places.

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