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Released: Umlaut´s Factory Mod Set and Bitvagorod map

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hey umlaut ! I just downloaded your map.. andshall be taking it for a drive via quick battle... also probing your axis vs AI :)


just quickly quickly.. i wish to tel you WOW. Fantastic map.. fantastic ruins !! 



Thanks a lot. But please be aware of this when starting your quick battle:


OK, I´ve been looking a bit more into it - and I think I have discovered what the problem is:

It seems that the Scenario Specific Mod Tag system doesn´t work for Quick Battles.

When I test this everything looks fine in every way - except in quick battles. My guess is, that the system doesn´t work in QB´s.

If I am right about this, I think there is only one way to use this mod set in QB´s: The "good" old way of placing a folder with the mods without the mod tags in your z/data folder - and removing it again when you play another game. I see no other solution right now.

I´ll post a question for BFC in the tech support about this.


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At long last... ...I have finished and released my Factory Mod Set and the Bitvagorod map. A heavily damaged industrial town, based on a large set of modded buildings and other files. Get it he

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I've been checking back every day, but I still don't see the CMBN/CMFI variants...... just sayin..

There certainly is a way to use transparency. Otherwise this mod set would have been utterly impossible to make. The concept behind the transparency is called Alpha Channels.


I must admit that I´m not entirely sure how they work, but I know how to use them. A bit like driving a car, I guess (at least in my case).


In very basic terms, the procedure I use is this (in Photoshop):


I paint whichever part of a texture I want to make transparent black (the colour irrelevant, as long as it is clearly discernable from the rest of the colours) - on a separate layer, using the pecil tool (to avoid any semitransparent pixels).


When I´m finished, I use Select > Color Range to select the black area.


I then save the selected area (surrounded by "marching ants") by clicking Select > Save Selection. Name it "black", for instance


Now you will see a new layer called "black" in the channels tab (next to the layers tab, ususally in the bottom right corner of the screen). This layer is the alpha channel, and even though it is invisble in the bmp file it will make the bmp transparent in the selected areas.


But it will only work if there isn´t a single semitransparent pixel in the alpha channel!! To ensure this, I always select the alpha channel and then select Image > Adjustments > Threshold. Click OK, and all semitransparent pixels should have vanished.



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This is great. Thanks for the in-depth description of the how and why you did the windows.


I think I may have missed the window/alpha channel discussion. Is this a thread somewhere? I'll take a look at it myself, but I'm sure you have done the work to consider every option. It would certainly be great to have the modular buildings accessible. One thing that just came to mind- Did you consider changing the existing "damaged" alpha and texture to better represent some aspect of what you ended up with? It would allow for LoS in and out.

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No, I don´t think there is a thread about this. I discussed the problems in private mails/messages with several modders and beta tester much more knowledgable than myself. The conclusion was that there wasn´t anything to do about the windows. Unfortunately.


One thing that just came to mind- Did you consider changing the existing "damaged" alpha and texture to better represent some aspect of what you ended up with? It would allow for LoS in and out.


I may have misunderstood your question, but here goes: As far as I know, it is not possible to mod the damage alpha channels/textures for modular buildings. You can do it for independent buildings - and I did mod those to better fit my intentions.



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Which files are you modding when you add the alpha channel knock out for the windows?


I'll take a look, and if I can't get anything to magically become invisible I'll raise the issue again to The Powers That Be in a bug report.


I´ve got some more comments but would prefer if we could continue in the Scenario Designer´s thread - as I think this discussion belongs there

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54 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Is this mod & map pack still available anywhere?

It looks awesome.  B)



Was I liked by old CMMODs III.  was to make a research by Authors, now by CMMODs IV If you are searching to a old mod without to know who did it...tomorrow you are always searching for... I think  a link to the Authors has to be available !!


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As I now have Red Thunder I just downloaded this mod, wow, this guy is a genius and I weigh my words.
I was already fascinated by the Cembienne map with the precision in the town planning, the distribution of the different districts and all the details: its old town on the height, its residential area these workers' gardens
A masterpiece.
 But then this city of Bitvagorod, a mixture of realism and cinema decor ...
And all the technical ingenuity to achieve this realism, well on bridges but also industrial brick buildings with the concrete reinforcement obtained from religious buildings ... wow
The time spent to give us that, wow

So I repeat this guy is a genius.
Thank you

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