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Marsden Hartley Memorial Flag Mod -- The Great War edition

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As a preliminary step towards making Marsden Hartley more efficient for the Breakthrough scenarios, I've submitted the Great War edition of the mod to the Repository. You'll need to have these graphics in place in The Great War to play scenarios in Breakthrough with the Marsden Hartley Flag Mod. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but that's the way the two games work.

The mod that I've just submitted has graphics for essentially all the WW I scenarios in The Great War except Call to Arms. Since I've already done a stand-alone Breakthrough version of Call to Arms, it didn't seem necessary to repeat those textures in the Great War version of the mod, especially if no one is ever likely to play it.

When you unzip the mod you'll see a Battlefront folder and a couple of text files. Read the text files, they good for you. Then copy and paste the Battlefront folder to wherever you keep your regular Battle front folder.

And always remember to back up your originals.

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