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Blitzkrieg demo error

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I've just experienced an error with the Blitzkrieg demo which may or may not be a problem with the full version:-

[09/30/2014 4:04:45; 6.1.7601; 1366x768x32(1); v1.09 Demo] FAILED(draw_sprite_on_map_surface): Segmentation violation

This happened while playing as the AXIS on the D-Day game while clicking on the mini map or also on the war map.

Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions.

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If you are running Windows 8 then this might be an issue with the older Blitzkrieg game as it has some issues unless it is not run in Full Screen mode.

Unfortunately the older Blitzkrieg game does not have the option to disable the full screen mode... however the newer releases such as Weapons and Warfare, or even the Global Conflict releases for Strategic Command have this option.

This can be tested out with one of their demos to see if that helps,


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Not that I know of to be honest and generally speaking Blitzkrieg as far as I know runs fine on Windows 7 as well... I run Windows 7 at home and Blitzkrieg runs as expected so this could very well be an unexpected quirk with the Demo.

You could try to see if the error is repeatable and even try disabling the Aero Desktop theme for Windows 7 if you are running that as from past experiences that seemed to help.

The D-Day scenario also comes with the Weapons and Warfare expansion but that's about it other than possible mods for newer releases but I don't know of any offhand.

Hope this helps,


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