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Greetings all.

Seven months with no comp(no... not incarcerated :) ), but back with solid state drives and new comp.

While re-downloading my mod library(I swear I will back it up this time), I could use some advice from the community. Especially any who may remember me from CMBB.

I have CMBN, CW, but not MG. All taken to ver 3.0(reads ver2.something in game tho).

35 smackers for MG. 55 for RT. Cannot do both at this time.

I still have at least three CMBN/CW scenarios and numerous maps in progress. If I get RT, I know that they will be consigned to bottom drawer priority. I was still enjoying CMBB at time of crash and had MG battle concepts.

However... Fire. Russians. Late-war tech. Red Thunder looks like Schultz scenario/map-making paradise.

What say ye?

Is there much crossover or has there been a migration to RT? Has the community divided a bit like a paramecium?

Will eventually acquire the entire catalog, but on the fence as to which way to go in the shorter term.

Any input would be appreciated while I grind through the endless mod downloads.

May your artillery never fall short.

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It's all up to you. I have no idea which would make you happiest. I will point out that the BN forum is still pretty lively and new maps etc. would be appreciated by that crowd. But there is also a lively and appreciative audience for RT and things pertaining thereto. An embarrassment of riches that is sometimes called.



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