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1917 Fall of Nations from SC-WW I: The Great War 1914-1918

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I think I may have asked this question indirectly early on, but didn't fully understand the ramifications of what I was asking.

So I'll try again.

Assuming that it is even possible, what is the difference between running this scenario in The Great War and Breakthrough?

The smaller scale scenarios are very nice, but for me much of the game's appeal comes from making the global strategic decisions of the larger scale scenarios.

I wish there were a scenario like this one in Breakthrough for the early days of 1915, 1916, and 1918.

What would be needed to adapt this scenario to Breakthrough?

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Hi Philippe,

I would suggest to simply think of the base WWI game and the Breakthrough expansion as two separate games, and only because of the number of game engine changes.

This is unfortunately why the older WWI campaigns are not compatible with the Breakthrough expansion and vice versa.

If you want to port a WWI campaign into Breakthrough then you would need to export all the applicable data sets of the WWI campaign using the 'Export' feature in the Editor and then 'Importing' this data into Breakthrough using the Breakthrough Editor 'Import' feature.

Note, not all data will be compatible and you may need to skip the unit map and other unit related items such as the production queue data.

There could also be quite a bit of manual adjustments required to country data as well as the bitmaps and so on.

It is not impossible, but unfortunately usually quite a bit of work which is why we tend to mostly build new campaigns from scratch for expansions or as we build the expansion on our end we begin the porting process earlier on and use coding techniques to ease the transition.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for getting back to me on that.

At the moment I'm really just concerned with the graphics, so what this tells me is to create a separate section for scenarios from The Great War.

Right now the flag mod has too much bulk to it, but I think I can reduce that because some of the Breakthrough scenarios seem to pull a part of their graphics from The Great War. I'll need to do some testing, but I think what is happening is that Breakthrough uses The Great War for its general Bitmap and Interface folders, except for changes that only apply to the Breakthrough. It seems that changes to the Breakthrough general Bitmap and Interface folders have no effect, so to change the applied contents of these folders you have to modify the corresponding folders in The Great War instead. The alternative is to modify them inside the individual campaign folders, which is what I did for the first draft of my flag mod, and which is why it is so unwieldy.

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Hi Philippe

You're right, the Breakthrough expansion refers to the base WWI game's graphics for the most part.

Each campaign can have its own graphics by placing them in that Campaign's Bitmap Folders, but if you are changing ones applicable to all campaigns then changing the relevant file within the base WWI game would be the best thing to do.

Possibly keep the originals as back up just in case though.


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