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Video Editing


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Adobe has since switched to cloud based software. For a monthly fee you can download ALL their products. The latest version of Premiere is now Premiere 2014.

I am Mac based and use Final Cut Pro X.

It all depends what you want to be able to do with your editing. Like most software, the more you pay the more features you get.

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I use Sony's Movie Studio (the older Vegas Movie Studio 11.0 HD). The current consumer version Movie Studio 13 costs 38€+VAT. Movie Studio 11 is fine, there's lots of options, not a bad interface and good tutorials. Can't testify for the newer version but there's a trial version.

Ironically XP's Movie Maker did all I really needed but the Movie Maker that came with Windows 7 is crap, otherwise I would still be using Movie Maker. :)

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Doing an AAR, or something else?

Playing a game where the tank on tank action is the most intense either of us have seen and I'd like to capture it and send to some friends. Some of the turns were just unbelievable.

Don't know if I could do an AAR and I would want to ask opponent first if it would be ok as that was never planned. Its also a mirrored game so not sure if an AAR is a good idea.

Its Wittmans Demise and I went Tiger hunting. I just hope my opponent doesn't return the favor on the mirrored game where I'm the Germans.

He's giving me a real thrashing in another game. Unfortunately my British tankers didn't do so well and left my 82nd Airborne troopers in a bad situation. One or 2 shell hits on the German assault guns that gone a different way and that game would have went differently...my tankers got off the first shots and hit, but didn't knock out the Stugs :(

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