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3.0 AA Quick Question

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Sorry if I missed it. I was looking forward to seeing some AA action with 3.0, but then remembered that CMBN... has no dedicated low altitude AA assets. What will actually fire at aircraft now, .50 cals? all MGs? 222s? (and probably not given CM1 reasoning) 88s? I have BN + commonwealth.

I'll probably get it eventually anyway, but I searched around here for about 45 mins and found nothing answering it.


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Only the AA assets fire at aircraft, not machinegun. 88s (and Russian 85mm in CMRT) aren't point defense assets so don't fire at attacking aircraft. If there were passing bomber formations that might be a different matter. :) There's also no flamethrowers in CMBN but the 3.0 upgrade provides flamethrower capability. When the next 'game pack' arrives whatever it includes CMBN v3.0 will be able to handle.

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