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Moving and firing with tanks (esp. Shermans)?

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I usually play my tanks very statically, moving to a good position and then just let them sit there for some time, spotting and hopefully shooting and hopefully not blowing up.

But I read in another thread that Sherman tanks had gyroscopes and could fire with reasonable accuracy while moving.

So, is that something you ever do in this game?

For example moving FAST betwen cover, with the turret pointing left or right to take shots against targets of opportunity while using movement to hopefully dodge return fire?

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Shermans had gyroscopes, it's true, but "reasonable accuracy" isn't anything I've seen attributed to fire while moving of that weapon system. The stabilisers were more to allow swifter reacquisition of targets in the sights once the vehicle stopped.

So no, engaging targets of opportunity on the move isn't something I'd attempt or recommend, even with Shermans, in-game. They can usefully apply HE in area mode while moving, but hitting another tank? Not a good bet.

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Womble is correct about how the gyro stabilizer worked in reality. However, I believe they do nevertheless increase accuracy while moving in the game. I have no idea by how much.

:) That said, the Sherman doesn't seem any more immune to burying its first shot immediately after stopping (if the stopping waypoint has a Target order associated) than any other sort of tank... Oh, and aren't there accounts of the Gyro system being turned off while moving, most of the time, so that the breech didn't hammer the brains out of the crew by staying "relatively" fixed while they bounced around it...?

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From Wikipedia's entry on the Sherman:

"The Sherman was one of the first widely produced tanks to feature a gyroscopic stabilized gun and sight. The stabilization was only in the vertical plane, as the mechanism could not slew the turret. The stabilizer was sufficient to keep the gun within 1/8th of a degree, or 2 mils while crossing moderately rough terrain at 15 miles an hour. This gave a hit probability of 70% on enemy tanks at ranges of 300 to 1200 yards. The utility of the stabilization is debatable, with some saying it was useful for its intended purpose, others only for using the sights for stabilized viewing on the move. Some operators disabled the stabilizer."

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