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I like the soldier's bag on his back which just like CMBN.


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when I bought CMFI as soon as it came out,I was so happy that I just have a new cm game.

But I found the US soldier don't have the same Musette bag on his back which just like CMBN.

Is there any Musette bag model aready in CMFI,so that I can do any MOD with it ?

OR BFC- the WARGAME LORD will let it apear on us solider's back in next FI DLC.



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My impression has been that in most armies the infantry, if they did not have organic trucks at the company level, had some kind of trailer or horse drawn wagon specifically dedicated to lugging around the troops' personal gear once they got into combat. But I have never seen anything official about that, so such conveniences if available may have been scrounged.


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