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where do I find opponents


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There is a steam group if you have steam.

Some people are playing 20 games via WEGO email with 20 different people.

I can get you the name of it if you wish.

With steam communications are much easier as you can just chat with members whenever they are on.

Most people who have any game other than this have steam on when there computers boot.

I have been meaning to play more myself. I get interested and play a game or two before losing interest for a while again.

Mainly because of the time involved and the fact that I cannot get my friends into it. Coop would be perfect as a trainer for new players.

But most find it too complex and it is fairly hard to train somebody green who is playing the enemy and gets crushed even if I sit back doing nothing!

I have got mates into flight simulators that love the era but have not got the jiuce to learn them because I could coop and walk them through.

Heck I could benefit from coop!

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