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Combat Mission Commander (Campaign Tool)


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Hey Guys!

Actually I'm working on a Combat Mission Campaign Tool. Consider it as a external tool where you can move units on a campaign map - therefore you actually still have to play the battles inside Combat Mission itself - in return after a battle is being fought the outcome has to be reentered within' the tool.

The idea erupted out of the bad news of that guy who wanted to integrate such campaign mechanism to Combat Mission earlier but failed on the difficulties of CMs code (as far as I know).

It may seems to be a bit complicated and user-unfriendly to use. Still a friend of mine and me will gonna use it and I try to improve it as good as I can.

Therefore I would like to contact several guys from you to help me out fine tuning the battle elements of the tool to give a good balance between tool and game.

Please Skype me: kabalon88

I will post WIP pictures of the tool and a detailed feature list asap.

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Quick Update:

Just for the case you guys can see some serious working on this project.


Please consider every visual aspect as placeholder for the real designs which follow later. Also many featured buttons arent created yet - they will be created when the specific featured will be coded.

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Well I don't have a list yet - still not concentrated on the attributes part of the units like they are existing in CM. just some "placeholders" like strength, speed etc. things which won't come up in the units selection screen in CM to be honest.

Which kind of DB are you programming then?

If I ever implete a DB I would use the same attributes like they are existend in the game unit selection itself.

But I don't really think a real DB is necessary - a List with all informations may just be the better solution

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I want to create a DB that will allow players to create a force from the CM force selection screen and then track that unit over time in a meta-campaign. It wouldn't have anything like "strength" or "speed", just whatever is in scenario editor, including number of men, morale, experience, supply, etc. Over time players would be able to track things like unit strength, casualties inflicted, number of engagements, etc. I would also track similar data re unit commanders.

I did a similar thing for CMx1 and used it for a metacampaign that I played against myself.

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Good question, I guess I would define a meta-campaign as really just a long campaign, intended to cover several weeks or months rather than a single operation of several days.

The main difference I suppose is that units can evolve in ways such as by gaining experience (conducting battles, inflicting casualties) or losing experience (by dilution with less well-trained replacements). Also, I guess it would have more of a role-playing element by tracking officer performance/experience and being able to assign them to different units, etc.

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What’s your definition of a meta campaign?

We are clearly into “each to their own...” territory but I would define a meta campaign slightly differently to 76mm. More along the lines of combining a traditional operational game with CM.

Easier just to describe what I mean. What follows is quite a grand example.

Two slightly reduced German infantry divisions with StugIII and units in support defending against a Soviet corps of say three infantry divisions with some armoured regiments and support. Aim to take a town. Map around 20km north to south and 40km east to west. Game length up to a week of simulated time.

There are forums for German and Soviet players to discuss operations. The game has turns, say three turns a simulated day. Orders are issued by the German and Soviet players and sent to the umpires or games masters. They in turn move the units around on the maps and decide where clashes have results. Build CM games that the players then fight out and the umpires ply the results to the operational units on their master map.

The umpires then send different versions of their master maps back to the players on each side. With Fog Of War tweaked for each side.

Then the players discus the their plans for the next turn.. and so on..

However, all this is very grand. If you managed to produce some form of operational layer where we could manoeuvre battalion and company units then resolve the clashes in CM and play the results back to the operational units that would be fantastic and dream come true.

Realistically some form of basic operational layer would in itself be incredible. It is context and more context that would add so much more to the battles.

Unbelievably lucky to have CM at all... ,

Great stuff,

All the best,


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Whats your definition of a meta campaign?

I think we have similar goals

Part of definition is also scale. I am still kind of enamored with a regimental versus multi division scale meta campaign. From my perspective this is generally the source of why most meta campaigns flounder and eventually falter. They are simply too ambitious. A 3 day campaign with the op layer consisting of a regiment or two eliminates a lot of the overhead one might see in dealing with corp level combat.

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