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Chrome flagging setup file as malware?

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Hey guys, I ventured over here from the CM forums after listening to the recent, excellent WWI podcasts from Dan Carlin, which really upped my interest in the conflict, and decided to take the plunge into the world of SC. I bought the WWI+Breakthrough bundle, but when I downloaded it, Chrome immediately flagged it as malware and gave some pretty strong warnings when I considered running it anyway.

I've never seen this pop up before from any website, including Battlefront, which I've downloaded other stuff from recently. I'm assuming this is a false alarm, but just to play it safe I thought I would ask here first if there is some kind of issue going on.

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Well, I grew impatient and went ahead with the installation. No problems, as I expected. I'll ask a couple other questions so this thread isn't a complete waste:

There are several campaigns in the base game which I don't see when running Breakthrough, are they compatible? Could I just move the files over to the Breakthrough folder? Seems odd to not have them all together.

My base game appears to be version 1.07 and Breakthrough is 1.02, so do I just need the 1.05 patch for Breakthrough?

Any tips on how to get started with the game? I'm reading a couple AAR's, is there a good starting campaign to get a grip on the basics?

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Hi Ranger33,

Welcome aboard :)

Sounds like your WWI game is up to date and yes you would just need to patch to v1.05 for Breakthrough to be fully up to date there.

Unfortunately there were too many game engine changes added to the Breakthrough Add-On that the older WWI campaigns are not compatible and simply dropping them into the Breakthrough campaign folder won't do the trick.

We did update some of the more popular ones from WWI to include in Breakthrough but after that Breakthrough simply contains many new and great campaign additions.

To get started I would highly recommend reading the AARs as you've done as well as to take a look at these threads:

Information for New Players:


New Features (Breakthrough):


For campaigns, some of my personal favourites for the smaller campaigns would be the following:


1915 Gallipoli

1918 Megiddo


1915 Siege of Kut

1916 Verdun

And then for a very nice medium sized campaign I would highly recommend the 1870 Franco-Prussian War.

Once you are feeling comfortable with any of these then a crack at the much larger and detailed main campaigns such as 1914 Call To Arms should provide you with a great feeling and overview of the entire war.

Happy gaming :)


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Thanks for the info! I look forward to really getting into this game. It really has a nice balance of depth and playability, plus a ton of scenarios.

As an experiment I put the Gallipoli campaign in Breakthrough this morning and it loaded fine, but I suppose problems could crop up later.

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