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Zawiya Uprising

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I am now on the 7th mission of this campaign. I just had to post what a terrific campaign this is and how much I am enjoying it. Every mission has been different with a different character and challenges.

I really like the fact that many missions seem to be on parts of the same map, so one feels there is a progression - rather like the way Operations worked in CM1.

The mix of units is terrific. You get everything from conscript and green religious factions, Regular and Veteran Mercenaries thru Veteran and Crack (even at least one Elite) Para and Special Forces units. You get to operate every soft "technical" vehicle available armed with MG's, HMG's, AA guns and Recoilless... And of course there are the awesome BMP3's and T-72's with a variety of arty and even occasional air support. So, far I have even had a Shilka. :)

A major aspect of what makes a scenario great is when you can have lost of "micro-battles" occurring all over a large map, and you have to decide which ones to reinforce or back away from in order to accomplish the overall objectives. Every mission in this campaign has been lovingly designed that way.

And with all the amazing UNCON mods available, this scenario, while about Libya, easily looks like a scenario about Syrian or Iraqi govt forces fighting ISIS. Excellent effort by this designer.

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Finally completed this xnt campaign. Really good fun for all the reasons I have mentioned before. While it's supposed to be Libya with the mods available you could easily make it in Iraq or Syria, or even pretend you are Soviets in Afghanistan I suppose.

It's not a hard campaign. However, while it has significant challenges, it is forgiving of serious errors - so few reasons to restart. This is an xnt campaign if you are looking for enjoyable missions that you win first time thru. (I hate scenarios where you have to play em a few times to figure out the "trick" to winning.) So also good for a newbie or for training tactics.

Or, you can make your own challenge to suffer as few casualties as possible (which is the way I like to play).

I would like to congratulate the designer... But, his name doesn't appear in the briefings and I guess he doesn't frequent these forums any more. :(

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I would like to congratulate the designer... But, his name doesn't appear in the briefings and I guess he doesn't frequent these forums any more. :(

IIRC i ve seen Mr.X (that is the designers name) posting in the CMRT section recently, you ll find him there maybe.

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