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intro to modding


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Hey there,

this is the closest thing I found on these forums:


Although it's not dedicated specificly to CM games, it's more of an orientation concepts guide.

If you want to start modding the first best thing you can do is to take a look at what's there: use the embedded RexExplode tool within your CM game, follow the instructions to extract all the contents of your CM game and take your time to browse how the stuff is organized, what files are there and what you can do with what.

There are a few tricks that you'll learn with experience or by asking on the forums. Anyway, if you want to mod textures/skins etc. I'd suggest you to start using a good -free- image editing program, start simple then you'll improve with experience (that's what I did).

Anyway: if you want to mod sound files, you need to replace them, but with good ones with the correct volume, pitch etc. So you might want to search also for a sound editor program.

If you want to mod graphic files (2d textures) you'll need a photo/image editing program. There are many free ones out there, I used this for my mods:


In general, a good way to learn modding might be by looking for videos/tutorials on how to use the specific program you pick for your image modding.

Or just try it yourself and see what can be done using those instruments.

What would you like to mod in particular?

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