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Mod issues - any help?

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I may have somehow messed up my Syrian mods and I am getting "black hole" silhouettes of what are supposed to be UNCON or Mujihideen types.

The following are some examples of the Syrian and UNCON mods I see in my Z folder. I wonder if the names have been accidentally changed thru the magic of accidental clicking... If so, what should they be named?

"Kopia av Syrian-specforces-uniform.bmp"

(I have similarly named bmp's for vests and pouches.)

"pyrian-specforces-vest.bmp" etc.

"ryrian-specforces-uniform.bmp" etc.

Tye above however, are uniforms for army rather than UNCON's. But, I wonder if there is some conflict or something has simply gone missing.

"syriafighter 1" etc.

I wonder if someone changed the names of CMA UNCON's for CMSF and I had that mod??

Hope some mod wizard can help me figure out what mods or graphics fill those UNCON spaces...

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A misnamed mod would (should) default to the original texture, not go black.

One potential problem might occur if you changed the proportions of the art. BMP art files should be to the 'power of 2' pixel dimension of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024. If you have art 1025 pixels wide instead of 1024 pixels bad things might happen, depending on your graphics card.

Its been awhile since I touched the art in CMSF or CM:Afghanistan. I wouldn't count on common naming conventions. You might want to Rez-explode the game (assuming you're on a PC) and sift through the default art to see what is named what.

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Have been using the same res forever with no problems. I did something weird with my mouse when I was looking thru my files to find mods suitable for ISIS game.

I did remove my Z folder - and I get normal UNCOM.

I put back Z except for my Z UNIFORMS folder and no black outlines there either.

So, it appears that certain mods must be interfering with each other. What a pain. Wish I never touched those files as it was all great b4.

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Sounds like you've deleted part of a uni mod by mistake. Some of my mods swap in alternative 3d models which use renamed bmps (to avoid clashes with stock files). For example the Syria 2013 infantry mod replaces stock soldier models with special forces.

A reinstall of the offending mod should fix it. This does of course require you knowing which one caused the problem.

If you had one of my mods installed. Just do a reinstall.

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"This does of course require you knowing which one caused the problem."

Did you intentionally modify your Z folder (add/remove any mods) before the game stopped working properly?

If not, you could try the following:

1) Open your Z folder in Windows Explorer. Delete one of the mods in there (but first make a saftey copy somwhere), start the game and see if the error still occurs. If the error still occurs, keep deleting mods and starting the game until the everything works fine again. Once the error is gone, memorize the name of the last file you removed before the game was working normally again.

2) Remember the name of the last file you removed during step 1 and put all the other mods you removed except that one back into your Z folder. Start the game and check if everything works fine. If the error occurs again, apply step 1 on the remaining group of files in your Z folder and then do step 2 again.

Ultimately you should have a group of files in your Z folder that work fine and a group of mods outside you Z folder that somehow either got changed by accident and/or conflict with the other mods. Try re-downloading and installing the mods that seem to cause problems, that may help if you changed some of the files by accident.

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The game itself works fine. It's just that with my "personnel mods" some of the mercenaries and UNCON troops look like featureless black "holes". I think that in a rush to locate mods to answer an earlier question here, my fingers may have "slipped" and made a strange mouse click sequence that did something weird.

I keep all my "personnel mods" like uniforms in a separate folder (Z UNIFORMS). All the mods work other than the Z UNIFORMS folder which has been removed. Now, I shall individually put back the "uniform" mods and see what happens (each time). It may be that it is all about the order in which those individual mods are loaded.

It wasn't so bad with CM1 as once you did it, it was ok for the entire game era. Now with 5...6... 7... and more families on the way, keeping up with mods is becoming more time consuming than playing.

PS: I have ALL Mord's and any other UNCON mods installed... heh. I love the mish-mash look.

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